August 7, 2020

Friday afternoon proved to be a steady day for the volunteers. In the late after numerous slow moving thunder storms struck the Willow Street area. These storms dumped heavy rains in a short period of time. As the storms started to get worse , members started making there way to the firehouse to stand by in case of a fire call.

Around 1700 the squad was dispatched to Lancaster Pike in Providence Twp for basement flooding. While the squad was handling the call the station was staffed with 2 other crews. About 10 mins later the Rescue Co was on the street responding to assist 54 (Lampeter) with flooding conditions . As things were slowing down , the 3rd crew on board Engine 502 were dispatched for a cardiac arrest in the Lyndon neighborhood of the 1st due. Engine 502 and EMS worked about 45 mins on the scene till EMS transported the patient. About 2 mins later communications called Engine 502 on radio and advised of a water rescue on Breneman Rd in Strasburg Twp assisting station 59 (Refton). Engine 502 , Rescue 50, Squad 501 and Squad 502 all made the response. Units were advised of a car stuck in the covered bridge and the occupants could not make it to dry land. Units from 50 arrived and confirmed the report. Verbal contact was made with the occupants to confirm that no one was injured. Crews awaited the boat company from 58 ( Rawlinsville) to make the rescue since no occupants were injured. Boat 58 arrived and made the rescue of 2 adults and 1 child from the water. Crews cleared the scene in about an hour.