July 28, 2020

Just a little after 1730 the Rescue Co was dispatched to assist 58 (Rawlinsville) for a reported barn fire on Douts Hill Road and River Road in Martic Township. Chief officers from 58 made the response and was advised of a large chicken house on fire. Assistant 58 arrived with a approx 100x600 chicken house with fire showing. At this point assistant 58 asked for another truck company be dispatched which brought the Tower to the scene.

Rescue 50 arrived and staged on side alpha sending the crew to work assisting with several fire ground activities. Truck 50 arrived and was sent to side charlie of the building to set up and assist with fire suppression. The tower was supplied by 2 engine companies through about 2200' of supply line.

Several tankers from Lancaster County and York County were dispatched to assist with water supply.

The tower and rescue worked the fire scene till about 0030. Thanks to Gap Fire Co Rescue 42 for covering the area while members operated.

Thanks to Tom Amico for the photo's