Thanksgiving Night Working Garage Fire in Providence
November 24, 2022

At 20:14hrs the company was dispatched, along with mutual aid from Rawlinsville, Refton, and Quarryville, to an outbuilding in the 200 block of Snyder Hollow Rd in Providence Township. The TAC, Engine, and Rescue made the response. Engine 58-1 arrived just before the TAC and began attacking the fire in the garage. The TAC crew deployed a line and made their way into the woods to stop the spread, as well as attack the garage fire from above. A crew from 57 deployed the forstry line to help the TAC crew. The Engine and Rescue arrived shortly after and assisted with fire attack and salvaging what they could from a small trailer that was parked next to the garage. Tanker 60 (West Willow) was also requested to the scene for more water. Units operated for about 2 hours before going available. Rescue 80 (Columbia) stood by in town for any more calls.