By Chief Craig Rhineer Jr
February 23, 2022

TAC 50 is a 2021 Vengeant Blizzard on a Ford F550 4-wheel drive chassis. It features a Hale 1,250 GPM mid-ship mounted pump, 300-gallon water tank, and a 10’ custom body. Its hose complement consists of (2) 200 ft 1.75” crosslays , (1) 300 ft 2.5” handline, (1) 400 ft 1.75” handline, 450 ft of 1” forestry line on a battery-operated hose reel, and 900 ft of 3” supply line. It carries (2) roof ladders, stored in compartments surrounding the water tank. The vehicle is outfitted with a variety of hose fittings, manifolds, strainers, and (4) hard-sleeve suction hoses for drafting and water supply abilities. There is seating in the unit for four firefighters, with air pack storage in two of the jump seats, and two body-mounted brackets. The unit carries numerous hooks, hand tools, lighting options, a PPV fan, a thermal imaging camera (TIC), and a gas meter for multipurpose capabilities. A full set of first-aid equipment is also included. The building of this unit was aimed at enhancing the department’s ability to reach properties in the first due area with steep or sharp driveways, wooded areas, and other rural terrain. Its tool arsenal and pump capabilities are supportive of both wildland fire attack, as well as structural fire suppression. The unit is able to serve as a temporary backup when the department’s primary suppression engine is out of service.