By WSFC Staff
March 7, 2019

At 1432 , Rescue 50 was dispatched to assist Company 60 (West Willow) for a person trapped underneath a vehicle in the 1st blk of Westbridge Ct , Pequea Township. Assistant Chief 60 (Stauffer) arrived to confirm the report of a female trapped underneath a vehicle at the bottom of a driveway to a house. Rescue 50 arrived and prepared to lift the vehicle while working with EMS while they attended to the injured patient. Crews from Rescue 50 and Engine 60 lifted the vehicle about 4 inches to remove the patient from underneath the vehicle. Extrication time was less then 10 mins from the arrival of the Rescue Company. Squad 502 also made the response and assited with shutting down the roadway till the scene could be cleared.