By WSFC Staff
December 25, 2018

Just prior to midnight on Christmas day Engine 502 and Truck 50 were dispatched as part of the first alarm assignment assisting Station 60 (West Willow) on a commercial building fire on Marticville Rd. Chief 60 (Topper) arrived on scene confirming a working fire and soon requested it to be upgraded to a second alarm. The Truck arrived behind Engine and Tanker 60 and their crew went to work opening the roof and assisting the interior crews with searching, as it was reported that there could have been someone inside. The owner of the building showed up to the scene soon after, therefore he was not somewhere inside. Engine 502 arrived and hooked up to the supply line laid by Engine 55-2 (New Danville), and was primarily in charge of pumping water from the arriving tankers down to the scene of the fire. Company 50 operated on the event for about 3.5 hours. Photos courtesy of Tom Amico.