Automatic Alarm Turns out to be Active CO Leak
By WSFC Staff
December 19, 2018

At 18:42 on Sunday December 16th the company was dispatched along with Lampeter for an automatic alarm at 300 Grove Street. As the Truck responded they were advised that the alarm was activated in 308 Grove Street, and that it was a false alarm. Truck 50 and Engine 54-2 continued into the scene to verify the report. Upon arrival there was nothing showing, however after moments of entering the residence our CO meters began reading 60PPM of carbon monoxide in the house. UGI was requested, and an investigation began into the cause of the CO leak. After some time an issue was found with the gas fireplace, and it was disabled. Crews ventilated the structure, and made sure there was no other active leak before clearing the scene at 20:22hrs.

On Wednesday the 19th the volunteers were once again alerted for an auto alarm at 308 Grove Street. Engine 502 and the Truck arrived simultaneously and once again the CO meters began sounding as they entered the residence. UGI was requested again as the crews completed another search to find out where the leak was coming from. With the assistance of a UGI worker, an issue with the gas stove was discovered where the vents were being blocked and causing a buildup of carbon monoxide in the house. Crews ventilated the house once more and made sure there was no more issues before going available.

This is a perfect reminder that automatic alarms should be treated as the real deal, even if they are reported false or you have nothing showing on arrival.